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The second-hand market in Canada

Did you know that? The second hand is a huge success in Canada. In 2017, the second-hand market accounted for 1.3% of economic output, or $28.5 billion in sales. And this number is increasing year after year. This secondary economy is particularly visible in Ontario (London and Hamilton, mainly) and Alberta, with averages of 92 properties repurchased or resold per person per year. Among Quebecers, this figure is slightly lower, with an annual average per capita of 63 goods traded, and about 80% of the population concerned. While second-hand clothing and accessories (handbags, coats, etc.), DVDs and second-hand books and used childcare articles take the top three places on the podium, other objects are not to be outdone: furniture, toys, car accessories, cars, etc.

This trend is part of a particular economic and ecological context. Indeed, buying a second-hand product is economical, since consumers can get what they are looking for at half of its new price, or even less. In addition, the second-hand economy makes it possible to extend the useful life of objects by giving them a second life, which is part of an effort to reduce the overall ecological footprint. Another bonus: the opportunity stimulates the job market. In Quebec City alone, we are talking about 53,500 people employed! Finally, the new market players (classified ad site, specialized shop, etc.), as well as the multiplication of flea markets and other events related to the occasion, offer a wide choice of possibilities to the future buyer, who will quickly find what he is looking for at low prices.

Despite the appearance of large sites specialising in resale and second-hand purchases between private individuals, physical stores are not to be outdone: second-hand clothing stores, dealers, specialised stores, antique dealers, vintage shops, garage sales experts, depots, etc. see their turnover increase month after month. Indeed, this new way of consuming ethically, ecologically and economically is constantly growing. Fast fashion and over-consumption are taking a step back as bargains multiply: and that's great news for all Canadians!